About this blog

This is blog is an effort to create a reasonable tool with which I could share my ideas with the world. Since I am an enthusiastic fan of programming and network security, the most articles you find on this space deals with two interesting subjects.

Of course nopper.archpwn.org is interely powered by open source solutions. If you want to know more about the details I suggest you to read the paragraphs below.

Tech details

As you may know, this blog is entirely written in Python. I was not so comfortable with Django web framework, so I've decided to develop this blog engine during my spare time to gradually learn more about this amazing tool.

After few days spent in programming and in bug-spotting, the engine reached a good level of maturity. Currently it supports various interesting features, such as:

  • Pingbacks
  • Markdown comments
  • Ajax comments
  • Comments notifications
  • Ajax voting
  • OpenID authentication
  • Twitter authentication
  • Facebook authentication
  • Gravatar support
  • Maintenance mode
  • RSS feeds
  • CSRF protection for AJAX views

Third-Party projects used

For the OpenID/Facebook/Gravatar authentication, I've used and slightly modified socialauth. Regarding the gravatar support I've used django-gravatar. For the rest of the project, I've used code snippets from byteflow, especially for the pingbacks and the maintenance mode parts.

Regarding the javascript part, I've chosen to use the de-facto standard JS library: JQuery. To create my complex CSS stylesheet, I've used the incredible SASS lang :)

I've mixed everything with the use of GIT, Fabric and Python. Of course I've salted everything with the invaluable power of vim.

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This is the official my personal blog and official one of the ArchPwn project.

ArchPwn is released under the terms of GPL license. All rights reserved.

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