ArchPwn 2.0-RC1 released

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Today we've released the first release candidate for 2.0 cycle. We'd like to ask everyone to boot it and give feedback. There are lot of additions and changes since the 1.0 release, that dates back to March 2, 2009.

Take care that this ISO image is a minified version of archpwn, that fits on a standard CD. We're currently working on the full version that adds more tools and features but that could be burned only on a DVD or booted from a USB stick.

If you need help with installation or boot process join us at #archpwn ( If you find a bug please check the Github issue tracker and report a new bug if you've found a new issue.

You could download the image from the download page of the project.

Towards ArchPwn 2

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If you are interested in helping us with the development process of ArchPwn, there are several ways you could help us, depending on your skills. Actually our team is pretty small so we really need external help. We are looking for:

PKGBUILD Developer/Mantainer

If you’re not new to PKGBUILDs you could help our team to keep shipped packages updated and fully-working. How to help? It’s simple. Start by creating a new account on github and fork our project located here. You could add new packages that you believe should be deployed within the official distribution, or by fixing existing bugs.

Documentation writer

The project lacks of any sort of documentation. Other alternatives like BackTrack, have several community pages used for documentation. We have a wiki space that should be filled with guides, howto, etc. If you have good communication skills, this is the job for you!

Public relations

If you’re good with words, this could be the perfect job to express your capacity We need someone that could take care of this official blog, spam ArchPwn in events like LUGs, find sponsors, create a strong community, etc.

Other stuff

Not listed in any of the figure present above? Don’t worry! You could help our project by making your friends aware of ArchPwn, also using social networks. Tweet us, or join in our official Facebook page.

ACPI battery driver for Haiku

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Yesterday I've published a patch that implements an ACPI battery driver fro Haiku OS.

The patch could be directly downloaded by using this link.

Simple apply the patch against trunk and remember to enable ACPI that's disabled by default. Then recompile your haiku image.

Following a screenshot of VirtualBox running Haiku with acpi battery driver enabled :)

ACPI battery

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